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2016 Penny Farthing Race Results

Enter Penny Farthing Race

After last year's enormously successful race, the spectacle that is Penny Farthing Racing returns to Eastbourne Cycling Festival on the Sunday.

With a pre-amble of a 3 lap parade of classic bikes from a bygone era, (including the Pennies) the race will be on.

30 minutes plus 2 laps of gut-busting effort on bikes that for most of us look impossible to get on never mind ride, will decide the winner.

Who will be on the top step of the podium in 2017?

Don't miss this - it is one of the highlights of the Festival.

Racing is on the closed road criterium circuit.

Courtesy of Joff Summerfield, watch some Penny Farthing action from London Nocturne event.

You can find out more about Penny Farthings and Joff's adventures by visiting his website

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